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Safes by Smiley Locksmiths

Smiley locksmith offers a wide range of safes to protect your and your families valuables from any kind of harm, be it burglary, water damage, fire or electric data lost.  The first step to getting the right safe is knowing what type of safe you need. We offer new and used safes including Fire, Burglary, Data/Media, Depository, In-Floor, Wall, Gun/Pistol, and commercial high security TL15/TL30 safes. Our safe techs can assist you with selecting the proper safe for your home or business needs.

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Smiley Locksmith Safe Services:

Safe lockout / Open safes, Change safe combination, Burglary safes, Fire rated safes, Wall safes, In ground safes, Under counter safes, Wall safes, Depository safes, B rated safes, Hotel and residential electronic safes, Commercial security safes, Cash boxes and key cabinets, Gun safes, Hand gun security, Custom safes.

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Home Burglary Facts

In 2004, an estimated 2.1 million burglary offenses were committed in the United States.

61% of all burglaries involved forcible entry.

Burglars targeted homes more often than non-residential structures.

Residential burglaries (62%) occurred during the day, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Losses from residential burglaries averaged $1,607 per offense.

From Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation: Crime in the United States 2004

Identity Theft Facts Identity theft remains the #1 concern among consumers (contacting the Federal Trade Commission) and in 2003 alone, 10 million people were victims of identity theft.

One in four US households have been a victim of identity theft in the past five years.

The average fraudulent charges per stolen identity was $90,000 in 2003.

25% of the victims said the misuse of their information occurred within one day and said the crime occurred over a period of 6 months.

Fire Facts

Cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the U.S… It is also the leading cause of home fire injuries.

Heating is the second leading cause of residential fires and the second leading cause of fire deaths.

Lighted tobacco products caused an estimated 14,450 residential fires according to a new USFA topical fire research series report.

Candles are responsible for an estimated 23,600 residential structure fires each year and $390 million in direct property loss.

2002, children playing with fire started an estimated 13,900 structure fires that were reported to U.S.. fire departments and $339 million in direct property damage.

From National Fire Protection Association

Smiley locksmith’s safes offer Ultimate fire protection

When fire strikes it usually happens swiftly and the aftermath can be devastating.

Remember, it’s critical that your important documents, electronic data, memories and valuables are secure too.

Flood and Water Damage Facts

Your home has a 26% chance of being damaged by a flood during the course of a 30-year flood.

The average annual US flood losses in the past 10 years was more than $2.4 billion.

Floods and flash floods happen in all 50 states.

Just an inch of water can cause costly damage to your property.

Flash floods often bring walls of water 10 to 20 feet high.

Hurricanes, winter storms and snow melt are common (but often overlooked) causes of flooding.

On average, water damage accounted for 21 of homeowners claims from 1998-2005

Smiley locksmith has the right safe to Protect your irreplaceable from water damage.  Water damage usually happens fast and furious and when you least expect it. That’s why you need to make sure those things that are important to you remain safe and dry!  Smiley locksmith is proud to offer different levels of waterproof and water-resistant technology to meet your needs.

Media Facts

Three out of five personal computer users have lost an electronic file they thought they had sufficiently stored.

One in four users frequently back up digital files—even when 85% of users say they are concerned about losing important data.

Nearly one in four computer users have lost content to blackouts, viruses, and hackers.

68% of PC users save important things in multiple places—the hard drive as well as removable media such as CDs or DVDs.

Protect your CDs, DVDs, Flash and Hard Drives

Ensuring your electronic data is just as safe as your hard copy documents is becoming even more important in this information age.

Ever mindful of your growing security needs and always on the cutting-edge of technology, Smiley locksmith offers a wide range of products that store and protect your CDs, DVD, USB ports, flash and hard drives from theft, fire and water damage. Don’t ignore your digital assets—be sure they receive the same protection as your other valuables—back up often and entrust your media storage to Smiley.

Smiley locksmith offers a wide variety of Safes to Keep your valuables secure.

We, at Smiley Locksmith, understand that the burglary and identity theft facts above are quite sobering.  That’s why we take the business of providing security safes to protect your valuables, hardcopy documents and data very seriously.  Why take the risk? Consider keeping these items secure in a quality safe product—many of which provide added protection from fire and water damage:

Social Security Cards

Credit cards

Debit cards—especially those doubling as credit cards

Credit card receipts needing to be saved

Electronic or paper PIN Numbers or Pass Codes


Professional Licenses or Certifications

Financial Records

Insurance information including household inventories

Tax information

Birth certificates

Mortgage statements

Business documents

Electronic data (CDs/DVDs/Electronic Hard Drives/Thumb Drives)


Family heirlooms

Collectibles and memorabilia

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