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Smiley Locksmith of Fort Lauderdale is a local locksmith company, our goal is to provide fast response to lockouts and other emergency locksmith service calls such as lost car key replacements. We provide honest and professional locksmith service to all of our customers and our work is always guaranteed

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Finding a locksmith company is easy, but finding a trustworthy locksmith company that is licensed, insured, honest and most importantly local is not as easy as Bing or Google!

IF you get locked out, DON'T PANIC!

When people panic they tend to make irrational decisions and they sure don't have the time to do a thorough background check on the locksmith company they choose, which most likely is the one that poped up first on their search engine.Fact of the matter is that anybody can advertise on search engines and claim to be something they're not, much like a "professional locksmith company"The Association Locksmith of America and other locksmith associations call these impostors SCAMMERS. Unfortunately, today there are thousands of these scammers all over the internet and it is very difficult to tell the difference between the real professional locksmith companies and the phony ones.We recommend that you do your homework before calling and inviting someone that you just found online, remember, locksmiths deal with peoples security and privacy like keys to their home, car or business... you wouldn't let just any Joe off the street into your home. With today's smart phones it is easier than ever to to do a quick background check like visiting to see if an business exists and if its active. Ask the company you called if they can shoot you an email of their aplicable licenses and insurances, this should take no longer than 5 minutes.

Tips on staying safe

Change your locks cylinders periodicallyInstall high security locks such as MedecoSecure sliding glass doorsInstall light fixtures around your home and businessKnow who has a copy of your keys (if you don't, change the locks)Hire a local locksmith company (preferably with a physical shop you can turn to)Keep bushes and trees trimmed and try to avoid high fences around your home or business as they will provide privacy and a quite atmosphere for a burglar to do his thing