Coral Gables Locksmith

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In Coral Gables and Locked Your Keys in Your Car?

Don't be embarrassed. People call us all the time asking us to drive out to their location to unlock the door to their vehicle. If you are shopping or dining a Marrick Park and need to have us unlock your car - tap to call now: (305) 797-4895Regardless if it's 2:30 in the afternoon or 2:30 in the morning, the price is the same. We have mobile units ready to arrive at your location right now.

Need a Key Replaced?

Sometimes keys get lost. It's happened to all of us at one time or another. If you have a key and need to make a copy of it, simply bring your key into our store and we'll make a copy for you. However, if you have lost your key and want us to create a key for a locked door in your home or business, call us and we will come out to your location and create the key for you! Again, we have mobile units ready and waiting for your call, so call us at (305) 797-4895 and we will come out to your location on your schedule.

How Easy is it to Break into Your House or Business?

Admittedly, any lock can be picked . . . . given enough time. Our high security locks turn thieves away. When they see our locks, they leave and move on to the next house or business it will take too much time to break in, . . . time that they don't have.Our high security locks are virtually pick, drill and bump proof.You are the only one who has the key to your lock, and our locks meet the BHMA High Security standards. To upgrade the security locks in your home or business, give us a call us 24/7 at (305) 797-4895.