Broken Lexus Key Replacements

We Fix Broken Lexus keysLexus keys are fragile and tend to break very easily, the blade is attached to the shell body by a tiny screw and glue, and snap if forced or sat on.


The process of replacing a broken Lexus key Bring the broken Lexus key to our shop which is centraly located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale We will trace the Lexus key blade using our high tech key machine shown under Once the key is traced a new Lexus key is put into the machine and the blade is cut to match your broken key Next the clicker and chip are removed from your existing Lexus key shell and transferd to the newly cut key Pay for your new key only $65 (if we come to you an additional service charge will aply)We also offer replacement key service for your Lexus in the event that you lost your key and don't have a spare or copy available.